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Interactive platform of digital training for visual art creation

Who is it made for ?

✦ educational professionals

✦ teachers

✦ trainers

✦ artists

who would like to use visual arts for empowering and supporting their target groups: people with disadvantaged social and economical backgrounds, migrants or third country nationals.

Contributions of external stakeholders
Results of the local blended workshops
Contributions of the followers of the project
Interactive Platform

provide guidance on the possible methods, techniques and materials to be employed by facilitators using visual art creation for helping people to think about :
✦ their identities,
✦ their difficulties in social integration,
✦ their role in their environment including their awareness on sustainable development.

1. Description of teaching methods and techniques, with a special attention on the online and blended learning methods and tools.
2. Presentation of examples of visual forms, images, ornaments, etc, that can be used for identity building, and of the methods helping people to discover and understand these images
3. Presentation of art techniques and tools to be used for the creation of art pieces.
3. Presentation of art techniques and tools to be used for the creation of art pieces.
◇ Interaction among internal user

❖ Interaction between internal and external users

 I▵ Interaction with the    website's content
◆ Interaction among external users

❖▵ Blog page

How do we make the platform interactive and what does interactivity mean ?
Describe the local workshops content following the common grid and upload it through file sharing.
Become an active user of RECULT platform:

● create a member profile
● write comments to workshop descriptions
● feed the shared gallery
● follow the blog and write comments
Launch a call for contribution inviting interested organisations artists, trainers to add their ideas. and share their practices form your own network  and/or on social media. Don't forget  to  tag  RECULT in each of your FB publiications. 
Upload multimedia created within the workshops  on RECULT platform through file sharing.
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