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Sea life and recycling

Before we begin the creative process, you might need a small reminder to see some of the different living beings deep in the sea but also to get inspired to create your wire creatures.

The following interactive game might make it funnier, especially through the beautiful drawing of  Maj Perrson. While making this exercices, you can also review your vocabulary in sea life in English, but don't forget to observe the forms of these living beings either because this will be even more important for our purpose.

The game was created by COTA, mostly with the Swedish illustrator's Maj Persson's drawings.

We are about to make art with these creatures. But of course, we won't be the first ones to do it. Throughout history and everywhere in the world images of creatures of the see were "recycled". Take a look at this map and place the objects on them. To help you, we added their locations and the periods when they were created. (Images come from the MET Museum open source collection.)
Things that can be found in the sea has been recycled not only as images but also as materials. Of course, you can think about pearls but there are also some more surprising objects. The exercice is the same: place them on the map.

If you or your organisation have tried out or applied this creative exercices within a workshop, please share your experience with us. You can also upload images and put link to your website or social media. 

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