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platform is an open source. We designed it to be  an  example of

what we understand by recycling knowledge without any direct financial or material reward for either the RE-CULT partnership or for those of you who are willing to enrich the methods and tools that we propose for trainers and learners.  

What  you can do by joining the RE-CULT platform and publishing content on it? 


- You can publish any content such as photos, videos, articles, links, etc. related to the forum discussion's and the shared gallery's topics. 

- You can advertise your association, your enterprise by adding links of its activity if it is related to one of the topics: recycling skills, recycling materials or recycling visual heritage. 

What you can not do on the RE-CULT platform ? 

- You cannot publish unrelated or obscene content or hate speech.  RE-CULT partnership has the right to delete any content of these kinds without explanation. 

- RE-CULT is an open source and a freely available learning platform. Therefore, you cannot claim any material or financial award  directly on the platform for the content you share on it. 


What RE-CULT can do with your photos, videos, practices that you share ? 

- RE-CULT partnership can publish your content as a featured practice on the RE-STORE platform and on social media but only by mentioning either your name or your organisation's name or by adding the source of your content. 

- RE-CULT partnership as well as other members can use all the practices shared on the platform and try it out within future trainings and workshops but exclusively without having a direct benefit of it. 

What RE-CULT cannot do with your photos, videos, practices that you share with us ? 

- RE-CULT cannot take the ownership of your content and publish it without referring to you, either by adding your name, your organisation's name or a link to the source of your content. 

- RE-CULT and  the platform's users cannot have any direct material benefit of your practice: we cannot ask for payment directly of the learners to use or transmit your method but it can be integrated into trainings or workshops with institutional financing.   

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