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Souvenir Book

What is this practice about?

The practice is called “Souvenir Book”. It is about transferring memories, impressions and collected objects into a self-made souvenir book. The core of the activity is the creation of the book itself but it depends on the memory and previous collections of objects when wandering a new place. The practice allows the use of techniques such as “frottage” or drawing.

How and where the practice has been organised?

The practice has been organised many times in Potenza (Italy) by Il Salone Dei Rifiutati, a social cooperative that works with various target groups of disadvantaged people but also social workers and trainers to support their practices and competences (See more following

What preparations are needed? What materials are needed?

The practice is quite simple to organise. It needs papers, pens, pencils, glue, objects that one has collected from the street when visiting a new place. One also needs a room or a space to elaborate the souvenir book, with tables, chairs and trainers who can conduct the practice.

How long can the practice take?

The practice is rather short and can be done within 1 to 2 hours.

How many participants can be involved ideally?

Ideally there should not be more than 10 people for 1 instructor. Anyone can take part in the practice, it is open to people of all ages, gender and social status.

What is the main short term and long term impact of the practice on the participants? (are these clearly identified?)

The short term impact is the creation phase, the long term impact is the practice and its adaptability to everyday life. One learns a new way of seeing and moving in a new place and trains its eyes for unnoticed or unseen objects and creates a gift book that is creative and very personal.

What are the main tangible results?

The product in itself and the memories that it holds. The result could be expanded into a bigger souvenir book of the whole group, reflecting in chapters each participant and his/her experience of walking / experiencing a new place and the memories that stick to him/her.

How are these results promoted or disseminated?

Through the exchange of the souvenir books in the group and through gifting the souvenir book to someone else.

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