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Recycling skills and cultural heritage

Reflecting on Communities and Living Environment with Lego Play

Recommended for

People with migrant background

Duration and phases 

A 2 hours long session of Lego Serious Play + 1 hour for the stop motion movie creation

Number of participants

Between 6 and 20 persons

Part 1

Modelling your community and your environment through 5 challenges with the Lego Serious Play 


1. Community building and communication
2. Expressing feelings and thoughts about one's environment and community


Between 1,5 and 3 hours depending on the number of participants

Materials needed

- One set of Lego Serious Play

- A large table

- Audio speakers to set up time limit with songs

Part 2

Stop motion session to rebuild your keep your metaphors with you and share them.


1. Improving digital skills

2. Gaining skills in visual creativity


Between 45 and 90 minutes 

Materials needed

- Smartphones

- Stop Motion Studio application

- Eventually a stabiliser to keep your phone at one place

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