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Awareness raising about environmental issues and dangers, upcycling, digital skills (Stop Motion).


  • storytelling

  • sequence of movements

  • enviornment

  • waste

  • upcycling

  • stop motion


2 hours


  • storytelling

  • manual skills

  • communication skills

  • visual skills

  • digital skills


Collect some waste material, stones, bottle lids, etc. or make your participants collect them as a blended activity.

Download the Stop Motion Studio application on your smartphone and test how to use it. You can also watch the Re-CULT Micro Lesson about stop motion.


  • metal wires (brass, aluminium or copper)

  • pliers and wire cutters

  • small pieces of waste material of glass or plastic

  • stones

  • beads

  • smartphone/Ipad

  • Stop motion application

  • objects for filming

  • stabilization tools (optional)

  • computer or device with internet access,

  • personal storage device


1. Walk and Waste Collection (Blended Part)

Take the participants on a walk, either on the beach or in a park, and encourage them to collect waste and stones. Ask them to also bring small pieces of waste material from home.

2. Learning about Environment and Waste Decomposition:

Once you are back in the room, organize 3 quiz games as follows: - One quiz to recall the shapes of the diverse animals and plants living in the sea or in the forest. - Another quiz about cultural heritage to see how sea creatures or other animals and plants have been valorized in art throughout history and all over the world. - A third quiz game about waste decomposition. You can use the games accessible on the Re-CULT website.

3. Learn about Art Using Waste Management:

Make your participants more familiar with what artists are doing today through sea rubbish recycling. Use the RE-CULT gallery:

4. Creation:

Create shapes with wires and beads recalling sea creatures, animals or plants. You can find additional tips for working with metal wires here:

5. Stop Motion: - Explain to your participants the stop motion movie technique. You can use the RE-CULT micro lesson. Further resources for stop motion can be found here. - Co-create a stop-motion scenario with your wire creatures and the rubbish and waste you collected. - Take pictures of each movement through the Stop motion studio application ( - Export your movie and share it with all the participants. 6. Sharing and Discussion: Invite participants to share their experiences during the activity.