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Improving knowledge about the issues and opportunities of a neighbourhood or an area, and understanding more about the citizens, their culture and problems.


  • environment

  • visual skills

  • digital creation


2-3 hours


  • storytelling

  • communication skills

  • digital skills

  • skills in visual content making

  • video editing


Organising a city exploration and a visual brainstorming session, familiarizing and testing easy to use video editing applications.


  • Smartphones or computers

  • easy to use editing application such as CANVA or YouCut


1. Organise a visual brainstorming about a topic, a concept or idea you want your participants to get more familiar with. I topic such as "circularity" or "borders". Explore the multiplicity of the possible meanings. Confront positive and negative and neutral connotations and functions. (Example: a border might be a tool to protect but also to exclude.)

2. Prepare your participants to collect chort videos by explaining the 7 most important points of video making with smart phone: 

3. Collect short video captations in the framework of a city exploration tour linked to you topic.

4. Share and review the captions you made during the city tour and discuss their meanings.

5. Dowload the YouCut or the Canva application. Explain how it works (Video tutorial: how to use YouCut: and on how to use CANVA for video editing: 

6. Let the participants to explore the application and juxtapose their video captations. Tell them to give title and add it to each of them. You can also add music.

7. Share and watch the videos.

8. Share your feedback and ask the participant about what they have learnt during the activity.