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  • Discovering artworks issued from a third culture.

  • Getting familiar with public spaces, resolving practical questions such as moving around the city and getting in touch with local people, institutions, etc.

  • Learning about the use of a museum or an art exhibition


  • exploring visual heritage

  • museum visit


2 hours


  • intercultural skills

  • skills in visual content making

  • coummunication skills

  • digital skills


Search for current exhibition, visit it in advance if needes and make some preliminary research about the exposed artworks to instruct your participants during the museum visit.


  • Smartphone/Ipad,

  • Travel tickets

  • Video projector

  • Museum tickets

  • WhatsApp or Messenger application


1. Exhibition visit (Blended part) - Find an exhibition showcasing artwork from diverse cultures. - Prior to the visit, Instruct participants to capture pictures of intriguing, exciting, strange, or unfamiliar details during the exhibition. - After the visit, establish a WhatsApp or Messenger group and have participants share their photos. - Assist participants with any technical issues they may encounter.

2. Photos from Home (Blended part) - Request participants to take photos in their home about decorative details they appreciate. - Ask them to reflect on what makes these objects familiar or aesthetic to them.

3. Conversation - Create a virtual exhibition room with the photos taken during the exhibition and at home. - Encourage participants to identify common features in unfamiliar objects seen during the exhibition and in photos taken at home. - Seek a common ground by identifying something in the exhibition that all participants appreciated.

4. Creative workshop - Invite participants to use the photos and stories as inspiration for a visual creation. - Browse the activities proposed on the RE-CULT YouTube channel or on the RE-CULT Learning Platform for ideas.