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Participants get acquainted with the neighbourhood, get familiar with the use of the maps.


  • embroider

  • up-cycling

  • craft skills


1-2 hours for the walk

2 hours for the workshop


  • orientation skills

  • manual skills

  • green skills

  • digital skills

  • visual skills


Make a preliminary walk to explore the neighbourhood that you want to visit with the participants. Check the accessibility of the places. If the participants don't have smartphones, print maps of the neighbourhood that you are going to visit. Watch the video tutorial dedicated to the exercice.


For the city walk:

  • Smartphones,

  • Google Maps application or printed maps

For the Totem Bag painting

  • recyclable tote bags

  • markers for textile

  • acrylic paint

  • bruches

  • cups for water

  • brown paper to protect the table

  • pens

  • tapes

  • pencils

  • sheets of white papers

For the embroidery technique:

  • embroidery threads

  • needles,

  • scissors


1. City Walk:

Take a walk in the city with the group and encourage participants to take photos at places where they feel happy or that they enjoy. Ask participants to mark the locations where they took their photos on their maps, or check if the photos appear correctly on their Google Maps application.

2. Sharing and Discussion:

Back in the room, ask participants to share their photos and experiences in a plenary. They should also show their maps and explain why they chose the places they did.

3. Sketch:

Ask participants to make sketches of the streets they visited on a blank piece of paper. They can transform the streets into a geometric pattern and include details from the photos they took there.

4. Tote Bag Illustration:

Ask participants to copy their drawing onto the tote bag with a pencil. - Then, they should use painting, drawing or embroidery techniques to finalize the pattern on their tote bag. - Use the RE-CULT micro lessons to learn about these techniques: