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.Participants will develop proficiency in using a smartphone camera specifically for stop motion animation, mastering techniques for capturing high-quality images and effectively utilizing stop motion applications. Participants will enhance their storytelling skills and refine their ability to plan and sequence movements within their animations, creating engaging narratives that unfold seamlessly. Collaborative skills will be strengthened as participants work in pairs, with one individual managing movements and the other capturing photos. This collaborative dynamic promotes effective teamwork and communication. Participants will hone their problem-solving abilities, particularly in addressing challenges related to camera stability and finding innovative solutions to optimize their individual filmmaking processes.


  • Storytelling

  • Sequence of movements


2 hours


  • storytelling

  • collaborative skills

  • creative skills

  • digital skills


Ensuring to have a solid understanding of the principles of stop motion animation, including frame-by-frame movement and the illusion of continuous motion.


  • Smartphone/Ipad,

  • Stop motion application,

  • objects for filming,

  • stabilization tools (optional),

  • computer or device with internet access,

  • personal storage device


1. Preparation and Setting the Scene:

Prior to the training session, request that participants bring personal objects from home that hold special significance to them. - Prompt participants to arrange their objects on a table, ensuring they are visible to everyone.

2.Presentation of Personal Objects:

- Facilitate the presentation of personal objects, encouraging participants to share their items one by one.

- Guide participants by asking supportive questions to elucidate the meaning behind each object, such as: Who does the object belong to? Why was this specific object chosen? What memories does it evoke? Allow participants the freedom to choose how they wish to present themselves through their chosen object—whether verbally, through movement, drawing, or any other form of interaction. - After a participant shares their story, invite them to select an object from the table that they are curious to learn more about. The owner of the chosen object then introduces themselves and shares the story behind their item. - Repeat this process until all participants have introduced themselves, and each object on the table has been discussed.