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Creating cultural encounters within an intercultural group, developing. green skills, awareness raising about environmental protection


  • recycling

  • visual heritage

  • visual creation

  • jewellery making


Minimum 2 hours


  • manual skills

  • craft skills

  • green skills

  • intercultural skills


Watch tutorials and try out the technique before the workshop:


  • Colorful spices

  • Small plastic containers

  • Smartphones

  • UV resin in small portions, one per participant

  • Spices and grains collected from home

  • Small plastic bottles to hold the spices

  • Wooden sticks to mix species with resin

  • Pliers - Jewellery findings such as hooks for earring

  •  hoops for pendants and bails

  • Silicone mats and plastic gloves

  • Hoops of different forms made of metal

  • Small UV lamps or a place exposed to sunlight

  • Tongs

  • Driller or needles


  1. Introduction and Exploration of Spices: - Collect as many types of spices as possible from various regions, countries, and cultures. Encourage participants to bring their favorite spices as well. - Ask them to introduce themselves by sharing their name and the name of their spice in their own language, and then repeat it in the local language. - Have participants smell each other's spices and guess their origin. - Ask participants about the use of their spices and how they might imagine combining them with other flavors or dishes. Encourage them to share any memories associated with the spices. - Invite the participants to explore the textures of the spices through macro photography. Help them capture the spices' visual nuances from a different perspective, and consider using a tiny microscope for an even closer look. To learn more about the use of a portable microscope, check out the RE-CULT micro lesson at For tips on how to take macro photos, go to

  2. Creating Talismans or Jewellery: Instruct and guide the participants through the different steps of this activity. Participants will: - Place one or more metal findings on a silicone pad and create an original composition. - Put a little bit of pigment or finely powdered spice into a plastic cap. - Mix it with a small quantity of UV resin. - Fill out the finding placed on the silicone pad gently and carefully. - Place the talisman under the UV lamp for 1-2 minutes to harden it. When done, turn it gently and dry the backside for 1-2 minutes as well. If no UV lamp is available, put it directly on a sunny surface and keep it there without touching for 10-15 minutes on both sides. Be careful not to move the piece while the resin is still liquid. - Peel off the exceeding resin from the backside gently while it is still not hardened. - Make a hole into the talisman with a thin drill bit close to the edges. Participants need to be careful with the drill and place the talisman on a solid surface. The talisman can also be pierced with a needle when the resin is not entirely hard yet. - Place the bail into the hole and tighten it with pliers. - Put it on a metal chain to transform your talisman into a pendant.

  3. Documentation: Instruct participants to take some photos of each other while wearing their creations. For visual illustration of the process, visit Alternatively, you can also use a molding technique, just like in the worry beads' creation process. For technical details, watch the RE-CULT micro lesson at or check the RE-CULT learning platform at